Multiple color definitions
and light extravagance

Space Ash / Crimson / Twilight Gold / Mirror porcelain White

Delicacy highlights colorful life

Wave to awaken sensitive touch

Close-range auto-sensing bright screen to
reshape close-up interactive experience


It is all-inclusive between square inches

Intelligent central control, support ZigBee ad hoc network, enjoy intelligent life

Whole house call, two-way call, seamless docking, visual access

Automatic car booking, ordering takeout, booking cleaning and other community service power management, property payment. You name it

The above functions need to be upgraded by UPad software, which will be available soon. Please look forward to it

Product name: Upad Super AI Panel.
Product material: flame retardant PC.
Installation method: Wall-embedded installation (standard 86 pre-embedded box).
Product size: 86 × 89 × 41.5mm.
Operating voltage: AC100-240V 50/60HZ.
Communication method: ZigBee/WiFi.
ZigBee communication distance: 80-120m (empty and unblocked)
Working temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃.
Mode of operation: voice + touch.
Operating system: UIOS.
Speech recognition distance: ≤ 5m.
Monitor: 2.8 inch touch screen.
Microphone: two-wheat array.
Speaker: 0.8W.
Processor: quad-core 64-bit ARMCortex-A35

* the above data are from UIOT laboratory, and the actual results may vary slightly depending on the test method.